Specialized in Marketing & Commercial Strategies and graduate of an International Masters degree, Sarah lived between Paris and London before settling in Bali, where she grew in the digital world developing strategies for luxury start-ups. The impulse to start her own project with the kosame team is the culmination of these early years of development, travel and growth.



Engineer by training, Guillaume evolves very quickly internationally in management in the corporate world of commercial aviation. Through his 12 years of experience, he has developed a passion for entrepreneurship and challenges in new fields. The Kosame project comes closer to his values.


From Toulouse, France, our beloved team is handling logistics, customer care, and developing our concept in Europe.

Coming from diverse backgrounds, with completely different areas of expertise, we surely make an interesting team.

We come from different places, we are not the same age, and yet we share firstly a great friendship, but also a common passion for our project.

A passion for beautiful furniture. For sustainable projects. To bring wellness in people’s lives.

As if we realized all together, during endless talks, that we needed to take a step back.

From our fast growing careers, from unethical consumption, from meaningless buys.

To go back to a balanced and simple way of living. For us, and for you.

There, Kōsame was born. 

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