Authenticity. Community. Experience.

It all starts with an idea. A dream to create a committed community that shares our values through sustainable and ethical projects.

Our philosophy: a simple and balanced lifestyle. A return to the essential, and to what makes us feel good. Through delicately designed furniture, ethical projects and unique creations, we intend to share positive emotions with you.

More than a line of furniture, enter a holistic, complete experience, a gateway to a lifestyle that reflects our values.

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Kōsame offers essential, timeless & unique products created in limited editions for you.

We privilege the use of noble and natural products, to honor the materials, the forms and the natural colors.

Our goal is to have a transparent value chain: no intermediaries, complete traceability of our materials, products and partners.

We work with controlled collections and pre-order systems to limit overproduction.

Kōsame offers interior design, renovation, and individual and commercial space design services created with pure aesthetics and wabi-sabi philosophy in mind.

We respect a common charter elaborated according to our values: essential, refined, responsible, harmonious & useful thanks to talented architects with natural, raw & responsible materials sourced in Indonesia.

We strive to build eco-responsible and connected spaces in tune with the world of the future.

In the near future, we want to invest in "third places" offering healthy products accessible in creative and welcoming spaces designed for sharing, working together and living.

We see these spaces as "living" Kōsame showrooms with our furniture, home goods and interior design concepts, to provide a sensory experience in useful and soothing spaces.


In Indonesia, we use two types of wood for our furniture: new teak plantation wood and old teak wood (recycled).

We do our best to maximize the use of already dried wood.

We work with local craftsmen from Java with years of experience in hand and machine woodworking.


All our wood is legally sourced from the Indonesian forest.

The consumption and use of our wood is SVLK certified by the Indonesian government, ensuring that it is sustainably grown and responsibly harvested from managed forests.

The wood is FLEGT approved under a voluntary partnership agreement with the European Union.

Kosame also offers a wide range of materials to order.

All respectfully sourced in Indonesia, our stones & wood species will bring a new dimension to your projects.


Each piece in our collection has a story, an identity, and we want to share it with you. We believe that how they came to be, how they were created, why they are here, now, and all those details, matter. Their story is our story. Each piece of furniture is unique. Each product has a code. This code defines their true identity. With these ten numbers, you will be able to know more: the collection, the material, the manufacturer, the origin, the finishes. We are careful with the information we provide. Too often we have received too little or no information about the products we buy. Let's change that in the furniture industry by breaking down the product into its raw materials and being able to track its origins.


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